Letter to the Editor

Zambia haven of peace

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the African Union (AU) for shaming critics of Zambia’s peace and democracy by according

her the chairmanship of the Peace and Security Council in Africa.
Africa realises that Zambia is a haven of peace and democracy, hence this accolade.
This surely has proven Zambia’s critics on peace and democracy wrong and hope the noise labelling Zambia as not peaceful ends immediately.
It therefore goes to show how blind we Zambians could sometimes be, not to see and realise the peace that the outside world is actually seeing in our country.
This accolade is and will never be accorded to a country which is unstable.
Hence the accordance of the same to Zambia under the presidency of Edgar Chagwa Lungu proves, against all critics, that Zambia is actually a peaceful nation.
This, then, serves to school Zambians to differentiate between national peace and self-inflicted misfortune, which has nothing to do with Zambia.
Bembas say “Umwana ushenda atasha nyina ukunaya…”

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