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Zambia gaining global recognition

ZAMBIA has made huge strides in environmental management.
These strides are being recognised internationally and have won the country the right to host the next Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM) high-level meeting.
This is a commendable feat considering that several other countries were also bidding to host the event.
Zambia, as a key player in global affairs, is in full support of the objectives of SAICM and delegates to the high-level meeting appreciate value in the efforts that Zambia is making in sustainable environmental management.
It is the reason Zambia has been given an opportunity to host the next meeting.
Zambia is not new to hosting international conferences and the SAICM high-level meeting will not be an exception.
Some of the high-profile meetings Zambia has hosted in the recent past are the 55th United Nations World Tourism Organisation at Victoria Falls in Livingstone and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe from August 24 to 29, 2013.
The country also successfully hosted the 51st Annual Meetings of the Board of Governors of the African Development Bank and the 42nd Meetings of the African Development Fund Board of Governors, which took place in Lusaka from May 23 to 27 in 2016.
Gatherings of the magnitude of the SAICM high level meeting help to put the country on the world map.
The country also benefits from the presence of delegates from all over the world who bring the much-needed foreign currency in our economy.
Several sectors of the economy such as hospitality, air travel, local transport, tour guides and translators will benefit.
Local authorities, on the other hand, are kept busy to ensure that host towns are sparkling clean and security personnel are ever on alert.
While Zambia is one of the leading countries in sub-Saharan Africa in mitigating the effects of environmental pollution, delegates to this meeting will ensure that they see the practicality of this.
Therefore, the country’s scientists should now be hands-on to demonstrate to the world that indeed Zambia has implemented measures which were being spearheaded by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency and the Water Resources Management Authority in managing the various forms of pollution.
The SAICM high-level meeting Zambia will host is also a reminder to the country to work on areas it has been struggling with.
For instance, the recent outbreak of cholera was a reality check to our efforts in keeping our environment clean.
Government demonstrated its eagerness to deal with the cholera outbreaks almost permanently by doing away with street vending, destroying ramshackle structures in the central business districts and burying shallow wells in townships.
Ahead of the SAICM high-level meeting, Government should aspire to start dealing with pollution from industries, especially the mining sector.
The event should be used to sensitise citizens about our commitment to the world.
We are a member of the global community with a conscience to fulfil our obligations for the betterment of the world.

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