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Zambia bids for mining centre


NANCY MWAPE, Livingstone
ZAMBIA has joined other African states bidding for the hosting of an African Mining Development Centre (AMDC) that will ensure mineral resources play a transformative role in inclusive economic growth and reducing poverty.
The AMDC will be established as a specialised agency of the African Union (AU) with a degree of flexibility and autonomy but, without AU member states losing ownership.
In an interview, Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma said for a long time, Zambia has been a leading mining country and would be best to host the AMDC.
“Zambia being predominantly a mining country has seen the consequences of not adequately anchoring its mineral resources exploitation into broader economic development policy.
“The AMDC will help manage mining performance across Africa, ensure that mines support people and they will be a lot of spin-off to Zambians,” he said.
Other countries bidding to host the centre include Kenya and Mozambique.
Mr Yaluma said the centre will employ a lot of people from mining industry and interpret the African mining vision to unify the mining standard code.
“Countries will operate in tandem. If we want to hike the mineral royalty, we will all synchronise,” he said.
In a separate interview, AU commissioner of trade and Industry Fatima Acyl said the bidding process will be opened to all member states by AU and successful country will be adopted by ministers and taken to head of states and governments.
According to the hosting criteria adopted by the AU heads of state and Governments in 2005, the hosting country should meet the requirement of conducive political atmosphere and adequate logistical facilities.
Zambia and Zimbabwe co-hosted the three-day extra-ordinary session of African Union (AU) conference of ministers responsible for mineral development organised by AU.
The meeting has drafted statute of the AMDC that will be forwarded for decision-making process to the AU for adoption.

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