Zambia affected by technology breaches

ZAMBIA is among countries in the sub-Saharan Africa that have reported technology breaches and the loss of sensitive data due to cyber-crime, IBM Africa, an international technology company has observed.
IBM security and web fraud sales leader for Africa Kevin McKerr said maintaining the integrity of company information and public records held by Government agencies and institutions is also a growing concern for technology experts and heads of technology departments across the country.
According to a statement recently by IBM media relations for Central Africa Charles Moyela, a new approach is required to manage and mitigate Information and Technology Communication (ICT) security threats that balances protection with detection, and advanced technology with mature processes.
“Identity theft, fraud, email threats, distribution of offensive material, digital piracy, corporate espionage, cyber bullying and loss of sensitive data have been the most commonly reported technology breaches in Zambia and sub-Sahara Africa.
“For these reasons, public and private sector firms in Zambia need to adopt advanced technology tools, techniques and solutions to better manage and protect their assets, operational processes and systems, including customer data and information against security threats,” Mr McKerr said at the southern Africa Banking and ICT summit organised by Cyber Security Africa recently.
He said Government agencies and companies that handle customer data and transactions on a daily basis are particularly at risk and that caution and prevention has always been a better strategy for managing IT risks.
Mr McKerr said, “Cyber criminals and threats will continue to remain with us as long as technology and techniques, including web technology continue to advance in complexity and form.”
Earlier, IBM security systems sales leader for the southern African Development Community zone and the Indian Ocean islands Hemraj Bootun said as firms in industries transform business transactions through the use of online interaction and innovative technologies, security has become a major area of focus.

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