Zambezi Portland invests $2.2m in operations

ZAMBEZI Portland Limited (ZPL) last year invested US$2.2 million in various expansion programmes at its Ndola plant.
ZPL executive director Gomeli Litana said in an interview recently that the investment was done between April and December 2015.
Mr Litana said the chunk of the money was invested in a block-making machine which will start operating in June this year.
“Our performance was very good despite the economic challenges the country is facing and we want to perform even better this year,” he said.
The company offloaded 432,000 metric tonnes of cement on the market last year, and it is projecting to offload at least 720,000 metric tonne this year.
“Last year, we were producing 1,600 tonnes per day but we intend to increase our production to 2,000 per day,” Mr Litana said.
The firm also bought four trucks last year to help increase its distribution fleet, and will buy four more this year to add to its already existing 21 trucks.
He said the company wants to register its presence in places where it has never been such as Northern, Eastern, Western and Muchinga provinces.
“This year, our main target is to increase our distribution, hence we are going to invest a lot in our marketing,” Mr Litana said.
Mr Litana said the company, in its quest to expand, also put up a cement mill, storage shades, and a new bulk packaging plant which will help enhance loading time.
The bulk packaging plant will reduce loading time from 45 to15 minutes, thereby give an opportunity to load more bulk tankers.
“It used to take us 45 minutes to load a 32 tonne truck but now we will only be spending 15 minutes, meaning we can load more within a short period of time,” Mr Litana said.

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