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Zambezi Magic stars meet fans

DStv ZAMBEZI Magic programme Kumwesu presenter Katanekwa (left), local musician Pompi (centre) and MultiChoice public relations officer Chikonde Kalumba.

THERE was no way MultiChoice Zambia’s 20th anniversary celebrations were going to end with just the Friday affair at Pamodzi Hotel, where President Lungu had showcased his dancing skills on the dance floor.
Of course, with the President dancing to Macky II’s African Woman, that was the highest point of the celebrations.
But of course there were other cut-aways, such as JK, immaculately dressed in a suit designed by KC Vaghela, and sharing a table with Slap D, Antony Mwamba, Peter Cottan and Esther Phiri, doing his best to get the President’s attention. Not only did JK unofficially start the proceedings by remarking Ni Lungu Balefwaya when the Head of State made his way in the auditorium, but he also joined him on the dance floor.
And how about Maureen Lilanda mesmerising the audience with her performance, including that of the national anthem! Was that version of the national anthem her newest hit after Mumba, you wondered!
Do not even go to Pompi or Macky II; that is entirely another different story, capable of taking the whole column.
But the fun did not end at Pamodzi Hotel; the following day, the place to be was East Park Mall where a plethora of local celebrities were in attendance as Zambezi Magic, a new DStv channel that showcases Zambian content, was auditioning potential presenters for the Zed Top 10.
The stars present included Pompi, Trinah Chisanga, Nathan Nyirenda, Slap D, Macky II, Mampi, actor and director Owas Mwape and DStv’s Kumwesu presenters Mutale Kapaso and Katanekwa Matundwelo.
Nathan Nyirenda took on the saxophone as the overly-talented Trinah added her soothing vocals. It was time for shoppers to suspend their shopping and get to see some Zambian talent live.
After all, the Friday affair at Pamodzi Hotel was strictly by invitation although viewers were able to watch it simultaneously on Zambezi Magic – the channel that showcases content from Southern Africa.
But for MultiChoice Zambia, this was also about finding a Zambian presenter for the Zed Top 10.
“The show is currently running on auto-tune but we need a face to it, and this face must be a local person,” explained MultiChoice Zambia public relations manager Mwika Malindima.
“We have opened it [audition] up in all fairness. Anyone who makes it will be the presenter. We are not only picking a winner from here [East Park Mall], but we have also placed adverts on social media and press statements have been issued to accord everyone an opportunity to become the presenter [of the programme].”

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