ZAM mourns Frankiss, preaches love

THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has called on local musicians to sing about love so that the message of unity and peace could spread throughout the country.
ZAM chairman Njoya Tee said this last week on Friday during the funeral of musician Frankiss (Francis Zimba) who was allegedly killed by his girlfriend.
“I want to generally talk about this in light of the killings that seem to be trending in our country…to musicians; the nation expects us to bring out these matters in our songs,” Njoya said.
“Let’s not cover up matters that threaten our livelihood in any way. The platform is available for us to fully exploit our God-given talent as educators, informers through entertainment.
“Being a Christian nation, we need to practice love daily. United we stand, divided we fall. May I urge you fellow citizens to strive in making the motto ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ a reality in the spirit of unity.”
Njoya said Frankiss, known for the songs Colourful and Chilayilayi, sang about love in his songs and this should be an example to other musicians.
“He did not preach hatred at all as he wanted to see people dancing in joy. Besides, he worked with Gat-Bro International as a marketing executive, which tells us that he valued education as well. He had just started farming in readiness for retirement.
“The music industry has been left with a big vacuum and this nation has once again lost a very productive citizen. These are positive lessons we can draw from our late celebrity which we all need to focus on.
“His death has left us devastated, especially that only a few days ago, we were burying our songbird Marsha, and a few weeks ago, we lost the actor Uncle Eddy and our young man Khuzwayo, son of Angela Nyirenda,” he said.
Njoya says as “eyes of society” and advocates of positive change, musicians cannot afford to be silent at the expense of speaking against ills such as gender-based violence against men.
“Music has the power to inform, entertain and educate the public on the need to forgive and not kill one another when couples disagree,” Njoya says.

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