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ZABS partners to revise maize grain standards

IN AN effort to promote quality and ensure food safety, the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has partnered with various stakeholders to revise the standards on maize grain.
ZABS public relations officer Lee Haamunji said maize being the staple food for Zambians, there is need for the revised draft standard to address the safety and quality aspects of the commodity.
Mr Haamunji said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail on Monday that the revised draft standards apply to maize for human consumption which is ready for its intended use as human food, presented in packaged form or sold loose from the package directly to the consumer.
“This standard covers requirements and the methods of sampling and analysis for shelled maize grain or their hybrids. It does not apply to processed maize. The introduction of this standard means that farmers will be able to add value to their grain and consumers will get quality maize products, consequently guaranteeing food safety in our country,” he said.
The bureau recognises the important role that the public play in the development of standards and is, therefore, calling for comments from all relevant stakeholders on the said draft standards.
“ZABS would like to take this opportunity to request the public, interested and affected parties to collect or request for the draft documents from ZABS and submit comments. Please note that the Draft Standards are for public comments only and should not be used as National Standards,” Mr Haamunji said.
The stakeholders include the Competition Consumer and Protection Commission, Food Reserve Agency, Kamano Seed Company, Lusaka City Council, National Food and Nutrition Commission and National Milling Corporation.
Others are the University of Zambia department of food and science and nutrition, Zambia National Farmers’ Union, Zambia Rice Federation, Zambia Agricultural and Research Institute and the Seed Control and Certificate Institute.