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ZABS okays Savenda energy-efficient bulbs

ZAMBIA Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has certified new energy-efficient bulbs developed by Savenda Electric and Electronics Limited that have capacity to recharge themselves when connected to power and reserve energy to last about six hours when power supply is off.
Confirming the development yesterday, company general manager Joo Chunga said production of the bulbs has intensified following the approval by ZABS.
“Yes, ZABS have certified our bulbs, and we are going on the market on April 1 this year. We are now in full production.
“What necessitated the development of this new product is the current regional power deficit, and it is our hope that this bulb will mitigate the challenges being faced since it will have capacity to recharge itself while connected to power, and when supply is off, the bulb can switch on for about four to CLICK TO READ MORE