Yvonne savours Kingston

YVONNE Mwale at Tuff Gong Studios, where Bob Marley recorded songs like No Woman, No Cry and Buffalo Soldier.

SINGER Yvonne Mwale, who took second position at the World Citizen Artist Awards 2018 held in Kingston, Jamaica, last week had an opportunity to perform her song Kuwingamo to Bob Marley fans, Rastafarians and music lovers.

The track promotes peace and humanity and is part of her current album Msimbi Wakuda, which is internationally distributed by Soulfood Music.
Yvonne was invited to perform her winning song during the annual Bob Marley celebrations at 56 Hope Road in Kingston. It is a location with an outstanding history as it used to be the home address of Bob Marley and is today the location of the Bob Marley Museum.
On February 6, crowds of Bob Marley fans, Rastafarians and music lovers gathered there to remember the life and music of the reggae icon.
After Yvonne’s performances, she was awarded by Valerie Won Lee, founder of the World Citizen Artiste Awards, with a cheque which is used to support children in need in Jamaica. The Zambian songstress thanked the Word Citizen Artiste Awards, the Bob Marley Foundation as a host and the audience in a short speech. The audience awarded her performance with a big applause, according to her manager Matthias Krämer.
“During the celebrations on the grounds of the Bob Marley Museum, Yvonne Mwale was a much-requested artiste. Many visitors of the celebration enjoyed sharing some words with a true African lady,” Matthias said.
“Since most Jamaicans are of African descent, most of them never had the opportunity to visit the continent. Therefore, the excitement was big to enjoy genuine African culture first hand. “That was not different with local media in Jamaica: various TV stations invited Yvonne for an interview and are happy to now play her music videos.”
Yvonne is said to have been surprised with the friendly welcome the Jamaicans gave her as well as their love for Africa.
After an 11-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean from her base in Germany, Yvonne’s first days were packed with meetings with representatives of the World Citizen Artiste Awards and the Bob Marley Foundation.
A day before the concert, she headed to the legendary Tuff Gong Studios, founded in 1970 by Bob Marley. This is where songs like No Woman, No Cry and Buffalo Soldier were recorded. Later, artistes like Shaggy, Lauryn Hill and Snoop Dog recorded at the Tuff Gong Studios.
Yvonne went there to meet her backing band and rehearse for the upcoming concert.
The morning before her performance, she gave a workshop with kids and youths from Kingston to inspire and encourage them. The workshop ended with a joint singing and dancing session.
After the concert, she spent days enjoying Jamaica’s stunning nature, beaches and the famous Blue Lagoon.
Yvonne is preparing to start work on her fourth studio album.

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