‘Youths urged to uphold the law’

KABWE district commissioner Patrick Chishala has urged youths to be law-abiding citizens and be focused on contributing to the development of Zambia.
Mr Chishala said much as youths are said to be leaders of tomorrow, their contribution to their country starts when they are young.
“What our youth should know is that the future of our country is in their hands. We need them to be focused,” Mr Chishala said.
He said in an interview yesterday that Government acknowledges the potential youths have in promoting economic growth and development.
Mr Chishala said this is why Government has come up with empowerment programmes through which they are able to participate in the development of the country.
He urged the youths against engaging themselves in destructive activities such as alcohol and drug abuse.
Mr Chishala said it saddens him to see youths getting involved in vices that affect their education and personal development.
He said youths should not patronise places where they will put their lives at risk and find themselves in problems.
“We don’t expect the leaders of tomorrow to be of bad behaviour. They should be careful with what they do,” he said.
Mr Chishala also urged youths to guard against being cheated or used by people with selfish interests.
Meanwhile, Mr Chishala has urged parents in Kabwe to take keen interest in the well-being of their children.
He said some teenagers are involving themselves in destructive activities because their parents do not seem to monitor them.

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