Letter to the Editor

Youths smoking ‘sisha’ in pubs worrying

Dear editor,
I HAVE noted with sadness the abuse of “Sisha” by mainly the youths (of age group 18 to 35 years and both males and females) in most of the pubs around Ndola town centre especially at night.

The practice seems to be spreading like bush fire. Just what is the chemistry behind this so called “Sisha”? Is it a legal drug or a cigarette?
And if so, why allow it to be used or smoked openly (in public), contaminating non-smokers? Is the law prohibiting smoking in public still existing? The pubs are now just filled with sisha smoke!
Has it got side effects like lung cancer? Is tax being collected on this sisha from the suppliers/importers/ vendors?
Can DEC provide guidance on the use of this stuff please, before the nation encounters a catastrophe?

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