Letter to the Editor

Youths should be innovative

Dear editor,
YOUNG people should become entrepreneurs rather than waiting to be employed.
Entrepreneurship is one of the avenues young people can use to make money.
For people who are already running businesses, be passionate about what you do if you are to be successful.
Formal jobs are meant to give you experience; you should endeavour to set up your own business.
You should remain resolute with what you want, then you will never depart from your dreams.
It’s time young people started making money from the God-given talents that they have.
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development should make it easy to access loans through the youth development fund for young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.
Youths should use government opportunities by meeting the set standard required to access funds such as formation of youth co-operatives.
Lastly, other co-operating partners should create a platform to support young people with ideas to develop mobile application and software.
The entrepreneurship concept can contribute to local social and economic development by harnessing the power of technology and the untapped potential of creativity.

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