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Youths to get K150 million

GOVERNMENT has set aside K150 million for the employment and empowerment of young people this year, Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale has said.
And Mr Mwale has launched the Global Child Poverty Report, which is aimed at eradicating poverty in the country.
Speaking at the launch in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mwale said money for the empowerment and employment programmes for  young people is readily available.
“Government is committed to ensuring that young people are empowered in the country. In so doing, K150 million has been set aside to implement such programmes in the year 2016,” he said.
Mr Mwale said the main ways through which a country’s attainment of national development is measured is the way it invests in its children and young people.
He said it is unfortunate that the high poverty levels prevailing in the country have reduced the capacity of families to look after children and have given rise to children living and working on the streets.
Mr Mwale said Government has a fundamental responsibility of ensuring the well-being of all citizens, including children.
He said he is aware that most families have limited access to basic needs and services such as food, shelter, clothing, clean water and healthcare among others.
“Despite all these poverty-related challenges faced by most Zambian families and communities, Government remains committed to ensuring that all citizens, including children, can lead a better life,” Mr Mwale said.
He said Government’s commitment manifests through various measures that it has continued to implement.
Mr Mwale, however, said Government alone cannot address poverty and its off-shoots and, therefore, called on stakeholders to come together through a multi-sectoral approach.
He commended Save the Children for launching the Global Child Poverty Report and other organisations that are supplementing Government efforts in improving the lives of Zambians, especially children.