Letter to the Editor

Youths, be productive, spur and economic development

Dear editor,
THERE is an adage,’ An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ The Zambian population comprises mostly youths.
Putting it simply, the youths form the majority of our country.Oftentimes, the Zambian youths have been used as tools of political violence by politicians to gain political mileage. This should not be the case.
It is a known fact that there are many youths with good qualifications such as degrees and diplomas not in gainful employment due to lack or limited employment opportunities.
This is because the labour market is very saturated. Given this sad state of affairs, most of these youths resort to abusing drugs and alcohol. As if this is not bad enough, they indulge in illicit sex.
This is because they are frustrated.
Looking for employment in itself is a task which is somehow depressing on the part of the youth.
To sustain their living, it is imperative that these youths be productive by engaging in income-generating ventures.
They can apply for youth empowerment funds from the Government through the Ministry of Youth. Once these youths are in formal businesses, they can create employment for their fellow youths. Ultimately, this will contribute towards spurring economic development of the country.

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