Youth urged to venture into farming

Tobacco farming.

A YOUNG farmer from Zimbabwe, Angeline Zengeye, has urged fellow youth to venture into agricultural activities to significantly contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.
Ms Zengeye said most youth prefer to work in an office environment rather than in the fields.

“Youths have the perception that agriculture is for old people but this has changed with the coming of technology and smart agriculture; you do not need to get your hands dirty,” she said in an interview.
Ms Zengeye said there is need for youth to venture into self-employment such as agriculture, which she described as lucrative. She said venturing into agriculture will help close the unemployment gap in most countries in Southern African.
“Young people should change and stop looking only for formal jobs to reduce the unemployment levels in the country and become more productive and contribute to the growth of the economy,” she said.
She also urged youth venturing into agriculture to join agricultural organisations   and learn about innovations and opportunities in the sector to boost their productivity.
Ms Zengeye said organisations provide a networking platform where youth can share their experiences on their involvement in agriculture.
She called on banks to also come up with products to support youth farmers to have easy access to finance.
“With the growing population, there is high demand for agricultural products, which means the crops have a ready market,” she said.


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