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Youth Day not for politicking

TOMORROW the youth will be celebrating Youth Day under the theme: The Youth Building a Stable and Sustainable Future. This is a very important day when young people are expected to take stock of gains made from the previous year and what needs to be done going forward.
On Sunday, men and women throughout the country joined the international community in commemorating International Women’s Day. It was impressive, to observe the mature manner in which the day was celebrated.
People from all walks of life converged at provincial venues to push for gender equality and equity in all spheres of human endeavour, there was nothing political about it the events because gender issues do not affect people across political lines;  everyone has the same experiences.
It is my hope that the youth when celebrating their day tomorrow will take a leaf from the mature manner exhibited last Sunday and utilise their day to highlight the challenges they have been experiencing in different areas of national development. It is a day for them to put aside their different political beliefs and unite for a common purpose; to speak with one voice. The Youth Day is not a day for politicking;
It is a fact that the youth are vital for any meaningful social progress and development of a country; although youth are commonly referred to as leaders of tomorrow, they are actually today’s partners. As agents of social change or progress who contribute in any process, the youth are not only highly valued but they are also a vital segment of the population.
Youth have always been key to any activity to register meaningful change in spite of whatever challenges they encounter because of their tenacity and resilience. In Zambia the youth comprise more than 50 percent of the population and are therefore, a very important constituency.
I therefore, wish to implore our youth to take advantage of their day tomorrow to highlight the different challenges they experience as young people because a problem shared is a problem halved.
Our youth should refuse to be used as tools for political violence and other anti-social vices; they deserve better than that. Our youth should realise that the various challenges such as lack of empowerment and unemployment opportunities and education among others are not selective because these issues affect most youth.
This is an opportunity to unite and to engage various stakeholders to find some solutions to some of these problems. As the adage goes united they stand divided they will fall holds true; it is important for the youth to take advantage of their day to fight for their rights instead of fighting each other.
Our youth should be able to stand and say no to any violence or any anti-social behaviour that is perpetuated by individuals who thrive on taking advantage of the vulnerable positions most of the youth. There are some individuals who use the youth to push their personal or political agendas. It is time that the youth refused to be used.
It is sad to note that some of the youth are used by some selfish individuals to behave a manner which is not acceptable in society by buying alcohol or giving them a few Kwachas. These youths are used to carry out violent acts and destabilising the peace amongst the communities they live in.
It is time that our youth said no this sort of mentality especially that Zambia is a Christian Nation. The youth should not only profess this belief; they should live and abide by it if they are to develop into responsible and well-meaning Zambians.
Wishing all the youth a very happy and productive Youth Day tomorrow.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.;