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Youth dancers creating more opportunities

Dear editor,
What started as a dream talk due to boredom led to a great ambition to help our fellow dancers and the youth.
We faced a lot of discouragement because we were funding ourselves.
There came a point when we all decided to quit our dream because we were running out of time and we had not raised enough money for the venue and other necessities to make it a success, but then we realised we had not put in enough effort and forgot to put the Lord first.
Being teenagers without any sponsors but only the support from parents and guardians, on October 3, 2015, our dream finally came to reality when we had the first ALL-HYPE festival, our hard work and sacrifice had finally paid off.
What mainly motivated us to coming up with this competition or platform was the determination of the Zambian dancers trying to show the world their talent.
Others told us that we are doing this for fame and others said we are imitating street culture, but the truth of the matter is we are only trying to create more opportunities and dancers can be recognised.
Honestly speaking, the only talent that is recognised in Zambia is sport related, so now what happens if you do not have the talent to play sport?
That’s why the number of youths abusing drugs these days is increasing. A countless number of people keep telling dancers that what they are doing is a waste of time and has no benefit, but there is a great feeling in doing what you know to do best and that’s all we are trying to prove.
We are trying to create  an environment or platform apart from street culture where we are loved, where we belong, free from drugs and able to showcase our great piece of dance art and be appreciated for it.
Despite all the obstacles we had in our way, we learnt that where there is a will there is a way and that hard work, determination and prayer is all you need to succeed.
We are happy to say we will be having the second ALL-HYPE II festival on the November 28, 2015. We just hope we will reach a national level with this competition.