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Your role in community

YOUthfull living with PASTOR MOYO M
THE community is defined by the contributions of individuals to its well-being.
Contributions from individuals are made as each member of the community clearly understands their roles and plays them effectively.

On the other hand, Rick Warren in his book ‘Purpose driven life’ says; “We discover our roles in life through our relationship with others.”
He suggests that there is a role we must play in the well-being of this world as individuals.
Our personal roles are discovered and better understood as we live in interaction with others. This gives us a clue that life should be a good balance of individuality and communality.
By emphasising on the communal, we remember that we are born, raised and live in relationship.
The fact that we are not isolated individuals but interlinked with others from conception is evident enough that it is impossible to live in this world as if you are alone.
As I said in one of columns that, though sometimes we feel like doing all we want with our lives, it is an undeniable fact that what we do affects those around us, especially those who care so much about us.
The communal life shows that we live in a web of relationships, hence there is need to care for other people’s feelings.
By emphasising on individuality, we acknowledge that those surrounded by many people still remain individuals whom God intentionally brought forth in this world and that at a certain point, we are to account for our own lives.
It should also be understood that there are specific roles we have to play within the communal set up and must contribute to the well-being of the community.
However, this does not mean we should be deprived of our individuality because it draws clear boundaries between personal and communal life.
The critical question is: where do we draw the boundaries between individuality and communality?
To be continued…
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