Your destiny lies within, key to your success

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DESTINY is a divine set-up. It is a combination of both external and internal factors working together to create a harmonised pathway to your

individual destination.
In other words, God places particular elements or qualities in your life, and around your life, which determine the path and direction of your destiny.
External factors include, among others, the circumstances of your birth, your parentage, ethnicity, nationality, education, neighbours and friends.
The internal factors, on the other hand, include such things as your likes and dislikes, talents and personality.
Ultimately, though, your destiny is inside you. God already put within you the “software” for you to become what he would like you to become, and what you are supposed to become.
In other words, you are equipped for your destiny. The external factors only contribute to enabling you to actualise your dreams and destiny.
Are you still struggling to find the reason for your existence? Are you still wondering what you should become in life? The answer is simple: look within. Search within. What abilities or talents has God given you? What are those things in which you not only excel but also do with a passion?
When you identify your area or areas of gifting, then you will have identified the purpose of your life and your destiny.
Look at it this way. Whatever God wants, he makes possible by creating the right circumstances. Whatever he wants you to do, he makes possible.
God intended for the bird to be a flying creature, so he gave it wings. He intended for the fish to swim and survive in water, so he gave it gills and fins.
The reason human beings do not have wings is simple: they were not designed to fly. Similarly, they are not born with features that would enable them to live under water like the fish.
The lion cannot fly or live under water, but it bears the physical qualities needed for an animal to be a predator.
In the scheme of things, therefore, the bird does not envy the fish, neither does the lion envy any of the two.
In pretty much the same way, we should not spend our time and energy envying our neighbor when our destinies are different.
Instead of wishing we had our neighbour’s talents, we should focus on identifying our own talent and developing it to fulfil the purpose of our life and our destiny.
Your success in life lies in discovering and fulfilling your purpose; not necessarily in pursuing the most prestigious careers.
Do not choose a career simply because it is the in thing, or because of peer pressure. Choose it because it will enable you to fulfil your purpose in life. Your wealth lies in pursuing your destiny.
Neymar, the Brazilian superstar footballer, is a good example of wealth being linked to destiny. His area of gifting is football. He has stuck to football – and look what he has achieved!
His world record-smashing transfer fee of over $200m and high wages have raised eyebrows.
Here is a guy who did not go far in school but has maximised his football talent. He is a millionaire.
Similarly, Floyd Mayweather is a millionaire because of utilising his boxing talent.
You may not be a gifted footballer like Neymar, or a great boxer like Mayweather, but somewhere within you lies some ability or gift that God has placed inside you.
It is the key to your success.
All you have to do is identify it, accept and love it, nurture it, use it. Maximise its potential. Do not let your talent go to waste.

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