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Young people should be agents of change

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Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
YOUNG people who make up more than 50 percent of the world’s population have the power to make change as positive agents in their lives and communities especially on issues that matter the most to them.
Young people with their fresh and active brains have the capacity to become agents for positive change as opposed to being used to perpetrate violence and anti-social behaviour which has become synonymous with most of the youth.
However, with the many challenges that young people go through that include unemployment and the lack of empowerment opportunities, it is time that young people became innovative, by coming up with ideas, that will help actualise their dreams into reality and make their lives better.
With motivation, financial support and mentorship, most young people have a lot to offer in all spheres of society. Not all of them need white collar jobs to make it in life; but with encouragement young people have the ability to become entrepreneurs and employers in their own right.
This is in line with this year’s Youth Day which was celebrated yesterday under the theme: ‘Zambian Youth; Generation unlimited’. The theme deliberately chosen based on the fact that the current youth is a generation that is not limited in terms of innovation and tenacity to contribute to sustainable national development. The youth also use the day to assess how they can better their lives even in difficult circumstances. This is regardless that young people all follow different paths, but with unity of purpose and innovation it is possible to everyone including young people to succeed in a chosen path.
Every year on March 12, Zambia celebrates the role young people played during the liberation struggle that led to the political independence that is now enjoyed by all citizens and how they can contribute to national development.
Prior to March 12, Minister of Youth Sport and Child Development Moses Mawere urged the young people to reflect on their obligations, responsibility and contribution towards national development.
He said Government applauds and supports any innovations by young people and that is why his ministry has an open door policy that encourages the youth people to enquire any service they may require in their quest to achieve their ambitions and dreams. And that it is the desire of government to support any innovation by young people to ensure that their aspirations are realised.
Going forward, it is hoped that young people will be encouraged and motivated to succeed in their chosen paths in whatever way possible. Zambia needs the positive input of all the youth if she is to propel to higher heights. With unity and innovation; it is possible for young people now to excel just like the young people during the liberation struggle sacrificed and worked hard; even when the feat seemed unattainable.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.
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