Letter to the Editor

Yes, airport road needs urgent attention

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to add my voice to the concern raised by two readers of your newspaper recently on the bad state of airport road.
I agree with the other readers that the road that leads to the international airport needs urgent attention.
While other roads in Lusaka are getting attention, that road has become worse.
It is one of the most important roads in Lusaka because of the many international visitors who use it.
It is the getaway into Zambia, and because of this, it gives a visitor the first impression of our country.
For those who are well travelled, they have seen how such roads that lead from the airport into the city are looked after. They have no potholes and are well lit. In short, they are a pleasure to travel on.
Let us sell out country by having a road that welcomes international visitors.
Zambians are known as welcoming people and so the road that leads from the international airport should speak for us.

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