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What are you this year?

SOMEONE challenged me in the wee hours of Sunday January 18, and asked me a rather interesting question, one that I had heard many times but not really heard at all.
You know the type that makes you think twice and consider something from a different angle; that is the type I was probed to answer and I would like to pose the same question to you today.
As I glanced at my phone screen the message read “I’m sure you have heard of the statement ‘as you think so you are’; what are you this year?”
When I read this I, for a minute, thought I did not understand what I was being asked. And that made me ask it out loud to myself.
But then it’s obviously plain and simple. I thought to myself, if we are what we think, then that which we think of ourselves is what we become, so, what are you this year?
Now, in as much as you will read what I have to write, I would like you to think about it and ask yourself what you are this year? In so doing you would have thrived in a very imperative dilemma of achievement and success, and that is staying focused.
Many of us do not have a problem with writing down plans, and setting a path for ourselves, the things or people we manage. But we have a challenge in staying focused to attain those things we have planned, especially when we are running with an idea.
Now! Ideas are very crucial because they are not yet tangible, and this makes them very vulnerable to being left hanging in the mind.
One inspirational great man once said “the grave is the richest place with ideas on earth”. And I agree with him because even before I am deceased, there are so many ideas I have just dropped, not because they were bad, but because another idea came up and I just lost view of the other one, how much more by the time I die?
The truth is that, many of us are in those shoes. Think about the many times you have thought of something brilliant and just dropped it because somehow another thing came up.
Or how you started doing something with great momentum at the beginning of the year only to lose the flare half way through.
Thus the need to define what you will be this year, doing this is like coming up with a theme of who you will be known for, one that will guide you in all the things you have planned and intend to do.
After minutes of deliberation, and deep thought of what I wanted my thoughts to be centred on and consequently be that thing, my simple answer was ‘action’; this year I want to be known for acting or rather doing. That is my focus area for everything I plan.
By so doing, I define what I will be and hold myself accountable to achieving this ‘action’ theme, meaning everything that I write down, as a goal I want to accomplish, has to somehow be interpreted into an act.
Tell me, what then are you going to be this year? What are you going to focus your thoughts on? How are you going to define yourself? Or what will you spend your time on?
Even better, tell it to yourself, for the simple reason that, at the end of the day, we all strive to be the best we can be; in the things that we do and that who we are. So as this year begin to decide who you are, because as you think that you are.
Tione Ndhlovu proprietor of Enoit Consultancy is a writer, trainer and consultant in image, career and personal development

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