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Yamikani Mbewe: I want to become a pilot

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD Yamikani Mbewe loves planes and he is fascinated by how they get into the sky and fly over long distances.
Now in grade 7 at Eagle’s Nest School, Yamikani wants to become a pilot and says nothing will stand in his way to achieving his dream.
Yamikani says becoming a pilot will enable him transport people from one country to another and visit different countries. He believes his desire of becoming a pilot one day keeps growing and only this job will give him happiness in future.
The rest of the interview with Yamikani went as follows:
Q: When and where were you born?
Ans: I was born on 28th March in 2002 at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: I love playing football, watching TV, reading and going to church.
Q: What are your favourite subjects?
Ans: Social Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education (P.E) and English.
Social Studies helps me to learn and know more about other countries and their locations, Mathematics is very important because being a pilot one has to be very good at calculations and Physical Education is good because as a future pilot I have to make sure I keep myself fit all the time.
Q: Who is your favourite teacher and why?
Ans: My favourite teacher is Mr Banda; he teaches Mathematics, he is friendly to all the pupils at school and teaches us good behaviour. He advises us to be obedient and respectful to elders at school and where ever we go.
Q: Which church do you go to? What are you taught at Sunday school?
Ans: I go to the Reformed Church in Zambia. At Sunday school, we are taught about Jesus Christ, great men and women from many years ago who worked with God by spreading the gospel.
We are encouraged to read the Bible often, obey the Ten Commandments, to obey and respect elders; not to insult people.
Q: Who is your hero and why?
Ans: My parents, Penias Mbewe and Nelly Mwanza are my heroes, they do a lot of things for me. They always advise me to work harder at school, pay for my education, feed me and teach me good behaviour.
Q: What is your favourite meal?
Ans: My favourite meal is Rice with sausage and gravy.
Q: What countries would you love to visit in the future?
Ans: I would love to visit England and South Africa. I have heard from people and watched on TV how beautiful the two countries are, I want to go there and see for myself.
Q: What would you advise pupils of your age to do in order to follow their dreams?
Ans: I would encourage them to follow and obey instructions from their teachers. It is very important to pay attention to whatever you taught at school.

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