Xris Bryan opts for ‘singleness’ after six years


AFTER about six years of being relatively quiet, Xris Bryan, who has changed his name from Brian Nganalikombweke, is back with a new single tilted Akeshiba Shani on which he features Izrael.

“It’s a love song that talks about how people can say I love someone and yet they cannot show it in action, it’s basically just a song that says talk is cheap, you need to show it by actions,” Bryan explained.
“It’s one thing to say I love you and your actions are saying otherwise, so it’s about encouraging people to keep their love as fresh as it was when they were starting it. It’s a song for people in love, especially for people who start neglecting their love.”
The song was co-written by Izrael and Xris Bryan and produced by Jerry Fingers. It also has an accompanying video that was shot by NXT Solutions.
Bryan says he chose to work with Izrael because of their studio chemistry.
“He’s a good artiste and the studio chemistry works out,” he said. “I’m very free with him, he’s an elder brother.”
This is the first single he is releasing since his last album “Volcano” in 2011. But he says he has recorded a number of singles.
“I wouldn’t specify if it’s the last single or there will be another single before the album drops, basically, we’ve got just so much material and we’re trying to compile an album because obviously people want to hear an album from me,” he says.
“I’m taking three dimensions on this album, first one is all about building relationships and marriages, so there’s the love aspect of it, then there’s social aspect of it where I want to look at the society, what is obtaining and sing about it and there’s my personal lamentations where it gets personal. I want to discuss who I am in this industry, what I feel about this industry and the stakeholders, I want to talk about what I want to see in this industry, so basically, it’s a three dimension album that I’ll give.
“This album is another phase that we’re getting into, it will expose the maturity in terms of vocal delivery, there’s been maturity, the way I’m singing now is much better. The deeper the songs are getting is even a plus.
“I love my fans, we’ll soar together. It won’t take us anywhere if we keep despising what is ours, we need to support it, it begins from home, the moment we embrace what is ours.”

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