Xploits are back



GOSPEL group Xploits, who went on a break from music for about 10 years, are back with a new single titled Victory.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Mutale Kapaso said a number of things led to the group members taking a break as they pursued individual projects. “It was such a long pause because it’s been about 10 years since we last did our music,” Mutale, whose group was known for the hit song Epondi, said. “We were brought together by a company called G-Note. There were auditions that got us signed up to the label and that was a new label. They invested so much in us and they were also doing this for the first time.” Mutale shared how the group was supposed to work and what led them to being unable to do so.
“So the first thing was that we were going to need to renew one contract and then the issues of our personal ambitions came in, our personal interests, our personal pursuits and we found ourselves in different countries at the end of our first contract,” she explained. “I was in India, Trinah in Namibia, Jay in South Africa, Teddy in Kitwe, so with everything that happened, we found ourselves in different spaces and because also of the feeling that we had done our first project, although they were working on the second project, there were some delays also on the part of the company at some point and then because we also had our own personal pursuits and that took a toll on the group and it was just difficult for us to come together to do music together.”
Mutale said although they were willing to come together at some point, it was just too difficult to do so. She said the new song is about thanking God, who gives victory through Jesus Christ His Son. “The scripture focus for the song is 1 Corinthians 15:57, which says ‘thanks be to God who gives us victory through Christ our Lord’, so coming from a place especially for Xploits,” she explained. “We went quiet for a lot of years, of course we CLICK TO READ MORE

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