Letter to the Editor

I was wrongly charged by traffic police

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your national paper to express my disappointment with traffic police in Lusaka.
On Saturday August 16, 2014, I was driving from Makeni to the city centre.
When I reached the traffic lights at Downtown, I found five traffic officers, two male and three female, from Oddys police station.
They mounted a road block right at the traffic lights!
When I passed while the lights were green, I was surprised to see one of the female police officers instructing me to go into the filter lane.
I obliged because I thought she wanted to decongest the main way.
To my surprise, she told me to give her my car’s keys, accusing me of having passed when the lights were red!
I was shocked.
I learnt about the difference between red and green before I entered Grade One. The presence of five police officers in their reflective attire only some eight metres from where I had stopped was enough to deter any would-be law breaker.
I couldn’t defy the traffic lights in full view of such a number of police officers.
Despite several attempts to explain to her, she went ahead and charged me K200.
I was not happy, and if this is the way police will raise money for the government, it is not right.
Does it mean that a police officer cannot make a mistake?
The next time traffic lights turn red while I have crossed at green, I shall reverse until the lights are 100 percent green!

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