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President Edgar Lungu

Worthless criticism will bounce

PRESIDENT Lungu says he is not bothered about the negative criticisms targeted at him because his priority is to develop all parts of Zambia.
The President says he has developed a ‘thick skin’ and will not be distracted by people bent on frustrating his administration’s efforts to develop the country.

“It is my job, I should be thick-skinned, accept criticism and embrace everyone. If they are worthwhile criticisms, I will take note and act on them, but if they are worthless, I will just ignore,” he said.
President Lungu was speaking to journalists at Kalumbila Airstrip on Saturday shortly before leaving for Lusaka after attending the Kufukwila traditional ceremony of the Kaonde people in Senior Chief Mukumbi Ibaloli’s area.
He was responding to questions that some sections of society have continually been attacking him on social media over the political situation in the country.
But President Lungu said as head of State, his job is to accept criticism and embrace every citizen regardless of their political affiliation for peace and unity to prevail.
The head of State said he is mindful of constructive criticism which he appreciates and acts on accordingly.
He, however, said he will not pay attention to criticism which does not add value to Zambia’s economic development.
Some of the criticisms against him are that he does not want to engage in political dialogue with opposition political party leaders.
However, President Lungu has repeatedly indicated that he is willing to meet those who have recognised and accepted him as head of State.
Others have accused his administration of not doing enough to address issues of poverty and the high cost of living in view of the recently adjusted electricity tariffs.
President Lungu has, however, said the 75 percent increase in electricity tariffs by Zesco will earn the country the much-needed investment in the energy sector, create employment opportunities for Zambians and ultimately boost development.