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World Vision launches campaign dubbed ‘Every hour matters’

WORLD Vision Zambia has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Every hour matters’ to raise awareness and spark action around the critical need for post-rape care.
The campaign amplifies a critical but little-known message: every hour matters for survivors of sexual gender-based violence (GBV).
Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Jabbin Mulwanda said during the launch that the campaign has come at a time when the country is facing escalating GBV cases.
“Something needs to be done to help reduce GBV cases, especially that GBV is a barrier to positive health outcomes. Survivors of GBV require care and support,” Dr Mulwanda said.
He said 47 percent of married people report having experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
Dr Mulwanda said another form of abuse affecting the community is child marriage.
“GBV negatively attacks all aspects of women’s health. The higher the level of violence, the greater the impact on the victim’s health, hence the campaign being timely,” he said.
He thanked Pepfar through USAID and UKAID, through DFID, for helping World Vision in implementing the stamping out and preventing GBV by establishing one-stop centres since 2012.
And World Vision Integrated Projects director Wezi Kaira said the goal of the project is to increase availability and uptake of quality services for adults and child survivors of GBV.
He said World Vision has been working with the Ministry of Health to establish 16 one stop centres in health facilities through which survivors of GBV access post-GBV care.
He said the campaign that has been launched raises awareness among community members on the need to report sexual GBV within 72 hours and 120 hours to access post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection and emergency contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.
World Vision chief of party Annie Banda said the campaign will be launched countrywide, but due to the short period of implementation and to ensure saturation of campaign messages, lower level activities will be implemented in six out of 23 districts with one-stop centres.

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