World is lacking info about Zambia


INFORMATION is the most important investment and trade promotion tool for any country that seeks to grow its economy.
Countries that have scored success in these two areas have mainly done this by providing information to prospective investors and trading partners.
This therefore, is the number one recommendation for Zambia in its quest to increase its trade relations with the rest of the world and attract investments.
The trade and investment environment in Zambia is already conducive and fertile.
It is therefore, not surprising that Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Lazarus Kapambwe, recently urged diplomats to safeguard Zambia’s long-standing brand as a peaceful, friendly and dignified nation because these credentials were assets that complemented the national development agenda.
It would be prudent if feasible for example, for the Zambian government to produce investment videos or documentaries that would be aired on all prominent television stations in all the countries where Zambia has an embassy or high commission.

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