Letter to the Editor

World Cup places should be evenly distributed

Dear editor,
THE proposal by the new FIFA president to increase the number of countries participating in the World Cup finals from the current 32 to 48 from the 2026 edition should be supported by all.
In this new  proposal, Africa is expected to get a direct nine positions with an  additional one place coming out of a play-off between one African country and one from North America.
In view of this pending increase, I support and want to encourage COSAFA to vigorously pursue its proposal, at the next CAF meeting in May 2017, to share out the ten places to the five regions in Africa (southern, eastern, northern, central and western) on a quota basis – that is to say each region gets two places for them to qualify to the FIFA World Cup.
This proposal by COSAFA, if implemented, apart from being very fair, will also accelerate and boost the development of football in all  African regions and especially the regions where this is not currently  the position at the moment.


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