World Bank invests $33m into forests, agriculture

Tobacco farming.

THE World Bank has given Zambia US$33.05 million to tackle climate change, Minister of Development Planning Lucky Mulusa has said.
Mr Mulusa said at a press briefing in

Lusaka yesterday that the initiative will be implemented under a project dubbed Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Programme (ZIFL-P).

ZIFL-P, whose main objective is emission reduction, is a two-phased project which will first run for five years and then 10 years, initially in the Eastern Province only.
Mr Mulusa said the programme has been approved by the Government and has been designed as a multi-sectoral programme focusing on forestry, agriculture, wildlife and land use planning and management.
“I wish to announce that the World Bank on May 4, 2017, approved financial support towards the implementation of the Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Programme in all the nine districts of Eastern Province,” Mr Mulusa said.
The US$33.05 million is broken down into US$8 million from Biocarbon funds, US$8.05 million from Global Environment Facility and US$17 million as International Development Association credit.
Mr Mulusa said ZIFL-P will seek to build capacity and improve livelihoods which in turn result in reducing deforestation.
A further 10 years will be supported by emission reduction financing of about US$30 million grant as an incentive to reducing deforestation dependent on how successfully the first phase is implemented.
Mr Mulusa said expected outcomes of the programme include increased forest cover through sustainable forest management and tree planting resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emission, poverty reduction and improved agricultural practices through climate-smart agriculture.
“As Government, we will ensure that the programme is implemented successfully. Zambia is among the first four countries to access funds from the Biocarbon Funds under the programme called ‘Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes’.The other three countries are Ethiopia, Colombia and Indonesia,” Mr Mulusa said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mulusa says the Seventh National Development Plan, which is yet to be launched by President Lungu, will run from 2017 to 2021.


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