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Works speak for PF

THE Patriotic Front’s developmental agenda is there for all to see.

In the slightly over a decade since the PF has been in office, it has developed the country beyond measure.
Shortly after assuming office, the PF administration launched the Link Zambia 8000 project targeted to construct around 2,290 kilometres of roads in the first phase while the second phase is expected to cover 3,049 kilometres of the road network.
The third phase involves upgrading 2,862km of the road network. The launch of this ambitious project signalled the beginning of the revolution to modernise Zambia and convert it into a complete land-linked country.
Other projects completed so far include the construction of various roads which include the Lusaka-Leopards Hill road project via Chiawa to Chirundu, which also provides a link to Kasisi, Chipembi, Chalimbana and Palabana.
The road-link project underscores the PF government’s desire and determination to develop the state of infrastructure in the country, especially roads.
Lusaka has witnessed massive road construction projects, including fly-over bridges to facilitate a seamless flow of
Since then, the PF government has taken infrastructure development to all corners of the country to uplift the living standards of the people. Of course, there are still many areas that require road development.
Besides roads, the pieces of infrastructure include hospitals, water infrastructure, schools – primary, secondary, colleges and universities, police camps, correctional service camps, barracks and offices for the immigration department.
The PF government has also not left out chiefs in the inclusive development agenda and the traditional leaders have had a number of palaces either constructed or rehabilitated.
The PF is a firm believer in infrastructure development because it supports inclusive and sustainable growth, expands markets for goods and services, creates job opportunities for the local people as well as skills and knowledge transfer.
Everyone can attest to the fact that infrastructure improves lives by connecting people to opportunity. It improves,
greatly, the flow of commerce and trade.
Therefore, recent election victories, including in the just-ended Lukashya and Mwansabombwe parliamentary
by-elections, and wards, are not surprising because the voters are simply genuinely reciprocating the gesture.
The PF’s developmental agenda is very clear for all to see although the opposition will choose to bury their heads in the sand and pour scorn on it.
During campaigns, voters listened to all the contesting parties and candidates. They made sound decisions on what they have seen.
Infrastructure has been delivered to all corners of the country and benefits arising out of it are there for all to see.
The narrative for Luapula Province, for instance, has been changing for the better from one of the poorest regions to one now headed for prosperity.
So much has taken place in Luapula since the country’s first ever regional expo. People there are not looking back.
Therefore, as the parties reflect on the just-ended elections, it will be important to start singing a new song which voters will buy into.
All the parties which took part deserve to be commended for enhancing the country’s democratic credentials.
They gave the PF a good run for its money but, ultimately, works spoke for the ruling party.
The people spoke and their wishes should be respected because they exercised their democratic rights.

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