Works cheer Chirundu PF

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Chirundu district chairperson Kennedy Mubanga has commended Government for constructing health centres that have helped to promote maternal health.
In an interview on Wednesday, Mr Mubanga said the PF is happy that women in the district are now giving birth in safe and clean environments.
“Government has built eight health centres and a big hospital in the district, and our pregnant mothers are now delivering in a safe and clean environment. This goes to show that Government is indeed working,” he said.
Mr Mubanga refuted claims by some people from the opposition that pregnant women have been walking long distances to deliver.
He said it is not true that the PF administration has failed to deliver development to the area.
“The works of the PF are clear for all to see. It is morally wrong to concoct lies in some sections of the media that our pregnant women are delivering in the streets,” Mr Mubanga said.

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