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Worker pleads not guilty to burglary, theft

A-21-YEAR-OLD general worker of Livingstone has confessed to burglary and theft in the Livingstone Magistrate Court.
This is in a case in which Lawrence Mwape of Libuyu township is charged with burglary and theft.
Appearing before Livingstone resident magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala, Mwape said he was forced to steal from the complainant as the latter owed him a K20.
Facts before the court are that on August 21, this year, in Livingstone, Mwape allegedly broke and entered the house of Mervin Banda with intent to steal.
The accused allegedly stole two blankets, two pairs of shoes, a slumber jacket, a bag and a bottle of lotion all valued at K 352.50.
Mwape told the court that Banda borrowed a K20.00 which he allegedly used to buy alcohol.
“Banda owes me money, a K20.00 that he got from me whilst we were staying together and he used it to buy beer. I kept the clothes I got from Banda at a friend’s house and infact he (Banda) has already gotten those items,” he said.
Mwape told the court that he stole from Banda as a measure to ensure the latter pays back the debt.
The court told the accused person that it would record a plea of not guilty.
Magistrate Chilingala set September 24, this year, for commencement of trial.

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