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Workable boot tips

ACOLLEAGUE of mine once asked me whether it was alright to wear boots throughout the year and my response was – there was no harm if it made sense for your climate, environment and style.
There are, however, some seasons such as winter and rainy when boots are a must-have.
While it is easy to find nice boots, figuring out how to wear them is not that simple.
Over the years, I have observed how women have misused boots in the way they match them with outfits, or how they wear them at the wrong occasion.
It is mostly tricky to wear boots in the rainy season as the weather changes to a point where you can even experience four different seasons in a day.
Sometimes, it appears very cold and chilly in the morning and you wear boots, but by mid-day, it becomes so hot that the boots look totally out of order.
This can be very embarrassing for women as they look out of place, especially when they are wearing knee-high boots, because apart from the boots looking awkward, they also become very uncomfortable because of the sweat.
For ankle boots, these can be worn during any season.
If you own both knee-high and ankle boots, then you need to know when to wear them.
Knee-high boots are mostly worn to shield oneself from the cold in winter or rainy season.
These boots look better when worn with skinny jeans. Knee-high boots were meant for fitted jeans, while baggy jeans are a fashion mistake when paired with this type of boots.
Knee-high boots also look awkward when worn with shorts, while ankle boots go well with these.
Mini-skirts go well with both knee-high and ankle boots, while a midi-skirt is better paired with ankle boots.
For men, even the smartest of them can wear boots.
Suits and boots can live in perfect harmony, provided, of course, that the cut complements the slim fit.
Characterised by ankle-high height, a close fit and, most notably, no laces, instead, the Chelsea boot employs an elastic panel known as goring, which allows the shoe to stretch when taking it on or off.
For that more relaxed mood, cowboy boots are most ideal.
Couple your cowboy boots with jeans (preferably a dark and slim boot cut), an Oxford shirt and a tweed sport coat, for that casual look.
Have a blessed weekend.
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