Work within law, local authorities urged


VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says the exclusive functions of local authorities are not independent of the central government even with the implementation of the

decentralisation programme.
Mrs Wina has since urged local authorities to work in line with set laws and policies of line ministries to effectively deliver services to the people.
She said this in Parliament on Wednesday in response to a point of order by Monze member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) on the exclusive functions of local authorities provided under Article 147(2) of the Constitution.
Mrs Wina said every council is part of the central government and therefore “no local authority draws its powers independent of a particular national government ministry that draws up the policies”.
“As you may be aware, our country is a unitary state where functions of the central government give direction to national functions at local level,” she said.
Mrs Wina said in terms of the decentralisation agenda, the policy is primarily anchored on an effective support base of policies created through line ministries and institutions.
“It is therefore important to understand that exclusive functions of local authorities are not independent on the laws of the central government as every function originates from, and is directly created by, the central government,” she said.
Mrs Wina said the exclusivity of functions does not mean that local authorities can initiate, plan and act as they deem fit unless it is in line with the laws and policies developed from the Constitution.

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