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Women urged to value education

A 34-YEAR-OLD woman of Choma who dropped out of school and married off at the age of 16, has advised uneducated women to go back to school.
Sonia Mwaanga, who is an adult literacy grade nine pupil at Choma’s Adastra Basic School, says women should strive to get an education regardless of their marital status or age.
She feels an educated woman is most likely to be self-reliant, entrepreneurial and can contribute to poverty reduction at household and community levels.
“I never got a chance to further my primary education because my parents did not have enough resources and opted to marry me off at the age of 16.
But I always loved school and envied educated women and so I kept that dream of going back to school alive,” she said.
Ms Mwaanga said in an interview during the literacy month celebrations held at her school.
The woman, who has five children, said the love for education prompted her to go back to school adding that her husband encouraged her to  enroll at Adastra, as it is one of the few schools offering adult literacy classes.
“I used to trouble my husband about my desire to go back to school and when he attended a Seventh Day Adventist crusade, it was announced that adult literacy was being offered at Adastra and that is how  he encouraged me to enroll,” Ms Mwaanga.
She is happy with the fact that she is now able to read and write as it is an added advantage to her trading business.
Ms Mwaanga, urged girls never to prioritise marriage at the expense of acquiring education.

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