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Women urged to get back to school

FORMER UPND councillor Racheal Musukuma has urged women seeking public office to go back to school so as to meet the minimum qualifications for councillors and members of Parliament.
Ms Musukuma, a former Lutale ward counsellor in Mumbwa, who has gone back to secondary school, said it is not too late for adults to acquire a Grade 12 certificate.
She said she was unable to contest elections in the August 11 general elections, but she is determined to rewrite some subjects where she failed at Grade 12.
“I was skeptical about the new qualification because I thought it was discriminatory to some of us, but I later realised that the law will bring quality leadership and enable us as a country to have knowledgeable law-makers. We need people who understand various issues and policies in decision-making positions,” Ms Musukuma said.

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