Women should be agents of change

MUMBA Mwansa.

“OH, YOU’RE talking about that woman? She cannot manage to do that work. Maybe we should simply give it to a man.”
“She thinks she will survive without a man in her life? Let’s wait and see how she will manage to raise her children without him in her life.”
These are some sentiments that society still throws at women. Hence the timely theme ‘Time is now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives’ as women commemorate their special day tomorrow.
It really puzzles and amazes me to see how much hatred women tend to have towards one another.
Instead of uplifting one another and growing together, a number of women would rather see their fellow women begging and pleading whilst they enjoy their comfort zone. This is totally wrong.
In the world of journalism, I have come to realise that whenever female journalists see their fellow women rise from one position to a higher one, or whenever some women journalists see their friends working hard and climbing high on the ladder, these people always begin to plot bad deeds against their colleague.
Backbiting becomes the order of the day: “She must be having an affair with the bosses”, “how come she only joined us but she is already getting promotions?” “Let’s wait and see if she will succeed in this her new job” and other hurtful phrases are what please us women.
But no, we are all women who take after Eve, who was created by God using a rib that He got from Adam. God did not create us to be envious and hurtful towards one another.
Women are created in such a special way that they are and can be agents of change.
Take a look at Queen Esther, Mary, Sara, Hannah and many more powerful women in the Bible. They stood up for others and worked on building one another in order to see greater change, which was beneficial to everyone, be it fellow woman or man or children.
This is exactly how we ought to be. Let women take up their role of being agents of change and help in transforming one another’s lives, whether in the rural or urban areas.
The Bible in Proverbs 31:10-31 talks about a capable woman. God tells us, in theses verses, of how a woman should conduct herself. “A woman is a hard worker, strong and industrious… She knows the value of everything she makes, and works late into the night… She is generous to the poor and needy… Give her credit for all she does. She deserves the respect of everyone.”
Our homes, families, workplaces, churches, communities and the country at large need women to put aside their egos and work together for a better society.
As we become activists of transforming women in both rural and urban areas, let it not only be a task that will begin and end at marching on March 8, but may this be a duty that all women shall live to uphold in their lives so that we have a better and prosperous nation.
One of the women I will celebrate this year is Buumba Malambo, the young Magoye councillor, whom I can say normally goes out of her way to ensure to it that children and women in rural areas begin to live transformed lives.
She has toiled to see a number of women in the rural areas go back to school by her introducing a night school programme. This is awesome as it will transform lives of many other women. The saying that when one educates a woman, one has educated the whole community is so true.
Norena Mutoya-Chiteba, founder of KUPES Young Women’s Network, is another woman I will celebrate as she is equally doing a commendable job as she is giving young women an opportunity to transform their lives and become agents of change in society.
She has formed a young women’s network, where women are encouraged to love and appreciate themselves and one another as well as grow in the Christian faith so that the future of this nation can have women with a better mentality about themselves and others.
To all the other women I will not go on to mention, please keep up with the awesome work you are doing of uplifting and mentoring your fellow women to be better people in society. It is only when women are united that we can see and have a better society that will embrace joy, love, happiness and development.
Happy Women’s Day to all the women and let’s transform one another into better human beings. Together we can do it because a woman is beautiful, smart and awesome!
The author is a Zambia Daily Mail sub-editor and a member of the KUPES Young Women’s Network.

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