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Women remember Michael Chilufya Sata

WHEN news of the demise of President Sata was announced, it was received with great shock especially among the womenfolk whom he had appointed to high positions of authority.
Some notable women he appointed are Deputy Chief Justice Irene Mambilima, Drug Enforcement Commissioner (DEC) Alita Mbahwe, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director General Rosemary Wandi and Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.
Others are Northern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga, Southern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda and Chinsali district commissioner Evelyn Kangwa among others.
Late President Sata inspired these women through instilling confidence in them that they could add to the development of the country. The women now chronicles how they will remember the man of action.
Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director general Rosemary Wandi says she will greatly  miss President Sata’s eagerness in the fight against corruption ,his great sense of humor and humility.
She said Zambia has lost a fearless and courageous anti-corruption crusader.
Ms Wandi described the late President as humble saying she will miss his strength, bravity and courage in fighting for a fair and just society.
“He had faith in women as he would always refer to them as less corrupt as proven in our statistics where men have been seen to be more corrupt than women,” she said.
Ms Wandi who received the passing on of President Sata with shock applauded him for being a very strong gender equality crusader.
“He gave us confidence as women because of the appreciation and recognition he showed us. I will also remember him for calling me Anti-corruption woman or corruption lady,” she added.
And Northern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says she will always remember President Sata as a leader who had a passion to uplift the standard of women in society.
She described President Sata as a fair man who appointed women in various leading positions in institutions such as Zambia Police,Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) among others.
“Sata did not want women to be enslaved. He ensured that their rights are not trampled on,” she said.
President Sata created a conducive environment for women. He made them realise that they have the potential to do what a man can do when he appointed them into male dominated positions, she added.
“He chose women, like myself on merit and he respected us. He would always address us as madam whether young or old. He was also open minded and ready to correct any wrong he noticed. He also disliked falsehood,” she vividly remembered.
Ms Katanga further says she will remember Sata as a disciplinarian, a thing she said is rare among leaders.
“We cry as women to have lost such a gallant leader and we will keep on asking why he had to die so soon,” she sadly said.
Ms Katanga also recalls how her appointment came as a shock as she was not expecting it adding that it never crossed her mind that she will one day be heading a high position at her age.
She said President Sata was confident in women the reason why he appointed them to lead higher positions to help fight corruption. He believed in women and he knew that they we were not easily corrupted.
“We will surely miss President Sata because the confidence he had in women enabled us realise our full potential,” Ms Katanga solemnly said.
She appealed to the forth coming President to emulate the late President by considering women in leading positions.
And Chinsali district commissioner Evelyn Kangwa said she will remember President Sata as a man of action who used his knowledge and wisdom wisely by appointing women in leading positions.
“For the first time in our country’s history, Zambia was dominated and headed by female district commissioners and they were also mandated to head various higher institutions.
President Sata told us that we were not slaves and he made us realise the potential we had to develop the country, Ms Kangwa said.
She also remembers how the late President promised to ensure more female members of parliament by 2016.
Ms Kangwa also described him as a man of the poor due to the developmental projects he initiated especially in rural areas.
She said the country has lost a man who had a vision for Zambia and she expressed hope that the next president will carry on his vision.
“We will not stop mourning our late President here in Chinsali because if he was alive and lived on till 2016, Chinsali would have been another London,” Ms Kangwa noted.
And Southern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda says she will always remember President Sata for his unique leadership style.
“He had faith in women and I greatly beneffited from him. I’m where I am today because of the confidence he had in women,” she said.
Ms Chikwanda also acknowledged various developmental projects Sata initiated in his three years of office.
And the Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says women will miss President Sata’s commitment to promoting gender equality by appointing more women to key decision-making positions.
NGOCC Southern and Western province liaison officer Faith Simukoko said the women movement in the region will remember the late President for giving women an equal opportunity to save in decision making.
Meanwhile Zambezi district commissioner Catherine Mukuma described late President Michael Sata as a parent who had the love for orphans and widows in the nation.
Ms Mukuma said because of his passion for women, President Sata appointed quite a number of them as Cabinet ministers and district commissioners during his three years in office.
It is therefore every woman’s hope that the late President Sata’s dream will be carried on by the incoming President.

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