Letter to the Editor

Women need to be each other’s keepers

Dear editor,
I FEEL we women will never support each other because of jealousy, pride, lack of contentment and the fact that we have or might have dated the same man at some point in our lives. Let’s break this down…

1. Jealousy: very few of us women want to see our fellow woman doing well in life or successful, instead of being inspired that our fellow woman has excelled, we are instead jealous; this is what has subsequently made us women bitter.
2. Pride: women and pride, we feel we are better than the next woman, forgetting than we are all women and know just how hard it is to be a woman, the fact that we are struggling and fighting to be recognised and be equal in society we belittle each other and wonder why men walk over us, it’s for the very fact that we can’t be united and stand up as one.
3. Lack of being content: I will call it chimpwena, we want to have everything, even what we can’t afford, because we are not content with what we have, thereby seeing another woman’s success as competition which eventually causes an atmosphere of jealousy, envy and bitterness against each other. But again in some cases most women will have it all but still not want a fellow woman to succeed, they will have more than you but still be jealous. Comparing oneself to another.
4. The fact that we might have dated the same man: Eish this is killing, I would like to challenge a woman to tell me if there have ever seen men giving each other attitude because they dated the same lady or when one is their current girlfriend’s ex.
But for ladies, their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is automatically their enemy and are bitter about them. Why hate each other over men who when they meet talk, laugh, joke and even share a beer together. But for us it is the opposite, even translating the hate to our friends who also start hating an innocent lady when we are supposed to be sisters’ keepers. Let’s learn to value ourselves, love each other and support each other regardless of who is dating your ex, imagine your whole crew or group of friends hating one, and there’s another hating on another lady, this becomes a vicious cycle of hatred, pain, bitterness and jealousy.
Let’s learn to let go and move on…love your neighbour as you love yourself, let’s unite as ladies and be a sister’s keeper, change begins with me and you, be the bigger person, don’t hate, learn from each other and we can make society a better place for each and every woman.

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