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Women key to food systems for healthy, sustainable diets

JULIAN Mwansa ( third left) with her sisters in her cassava field. PICTURE DOREEN NAWA

BEING a mother of five, Julian Mwansa of Nchelenge district in the northern part of Zambia is challenged on not only how to feed her children, but also how to provide a nutritious diet for healthy living that can be sustained for them.
“No woman enjoys seeing her children stunted and malnourished. As a mother of five, I would wish to grow a variety of crops on my small piece of land, but the challenge is that I do not have the said seeds to grow. Some time seven the maize seeds that I reserve from the previous harvest are difficult to keep becaus e sometimes I run out of maize and I am tempted to make mealie meal out of the reserved maize seeds,” she says.
Ms Mwansa says currently, she only grows cassava, millet and seasonal vegetables

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