Women key in cashew revival

GOVERNMENT has prioritised women and youth empowerment in the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) which will benefit

60,000 smallholder farmers in Western Province.
The CIPD, which aims to revive the cashew subsector, is a five-year project being implemented in the province.
Government has borrowed US$45 million from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to alleviate poverty in Western Province.
About 60,000 farmers in 10 of the 16 districts will participate in the five-year CIPD project expected to contribute to poverty reduction and improved household income through improved cashew production.
“Out of the 60,000 smallholder farmers who will benefit, 30,000 must be women headed households, and 7,000 must be youths. The rest will be men,” CIPD co-ordinator Mr Charles Chileya said.
Each household will plant one hectare of 100 cashew trees.
The project will be implemented in 10 of the 16 districts in the province.
These are Kalabo, Limulunga, Lukulu, Nalolo, Shangombo, Sesheke, Senanga, Sikongo, Mongu and Sioma.
The project’s dual objective is to revive the cashew subsector and reduce poverty as well as enhance food security at household level.

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