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Women in court over borrowed money from empowerment group


A WOMEN’S empowerment group has sued one of its members for failure to pay back over K250,000 she borrowed using her friend. SLC Ladies Empowerment Group, a loan association, wants the Lusaka High Court to order Precious Chisanga to immediately pay back K259,816.48 together with costs and other reliefs the court may deem fit.
In a statement of claim, the plaintiff states that in SLC Ladies Empowerment Group, members borrow and pay back money. On September 14 last year, Ms Chisanga joined the group and borrowed money and pledged to pay back with interest. On the same date, she borrowed more money through her friend, Brenda Cheleshi, who later disclosed to the group that the debtor just used her to acquire the money from the association. On June 25 this year, Ms Chisanga voluntarily committed to pay back the K259,816 which she borrowed in portions of K160,297 and K99,519 using Ms Cheleshi. It was claimed that Ms Cheleshi is the one who needed the money yet it was actually the defendant.
But when the money was due for repayment, Ms Chisanga failed to honour the pledge. “As a result of the defendant’s failure to pay back the money, sometime in 2022 the plaintiff engaged Tesa Recovery Management Limited to pursue the defendant for  CLICK TO READ MORE