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Women economic empowerment fund established

GOVERNMENT has established economic empowerment funds to empower women and youths, fight poverty and create jobs, Central Province permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale has said.
Ms Mutale has urged women and youths to appreciate economic empowerment programmes that Government has established to enable them become entrepreneurs.
Ms Mutale said, however, that some women and youths are not accessing empowerment funds due to lack of information and low literacy levels.
“We need to disseminate this information,” Ms Mutale said. “We need to give guidance on how to apply, and we need to be there to assist those who cannot fill the forms on their own due to illiteracy levels.”
Ms Mutale appealed to women and youths to establish clubs through which they can access funds.
Empowerment funds exist under the Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission.
Ms Mutale said Government wants many women and youths to access empowerment funds, and the Central Province administration will this year prioritise the dissemination of information on empowerment funds.
“We tend not to disseminate information. Information should be disseminated through district commissioners so that more women apply for empowerment funding,” she said.
She said women who are youths can also apply for funding under the Youth Empowerment Fund, apart from other empowerment funds that only cater for women.
She also said youth empowerment funds for 2013 and 2014 were disbursed last year to the successful applicants.
She urged more youths to obtain application forms from the offices of district commissioners to apply for funding for 2015.
“Young women can come together and form clubs and apply for this fund (Youth Empowerment),” Ms Mutale said.
She also noted that there was an element of despondency among the youths in Central Province in accessing youth empowerment funds but Government always releases funds.

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