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‘Women eager to increase incomes’

MINISTER of Chief and Traditional Affairs Joseph Katema says women are eager to improve their living conditions and increase their household income but they lack knowledge and skills.
“My experience with the empowerment of women is that they are eager to move themselves forward but in most cases it lack of capacity,” Dr Katema said.
Dr Katema said Government has allocated money for economic empowerment of women but women clubs and associations are failing to make progress without knowledge and skills.
Dr Katema said on Sunday when he paid a courtesy call on Kabwe Mayor Richard Bango that women also lack leadership for them to make progress in their income generating activities.
Dr Katema who served as the first Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health said it is important that women are well mobilised and trained in various areas.
He said with knowledge and skills government funding will be meaningful in the income generating activities of women.
He also urged members of Parliament and civic leaders championing empowerment of women in their areas to supplement the work of the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.
He also commended Kabwe Municipal Council for having five women in management, saying this development is good in promoting gender parity in the country.
Meanwhile, Kabwe Central MP James Kapyanga is happy that Kabwe Municipal Council has five women holding management positions.
“Kabwe council is one of the councils promoting the agenda of gender equality,” Mr Kapyanga said. “There are many women in management and for us this is good because it shows that things are moving.”
He, however, bemoaned that poverty levels are high in Kabwe because of unemployment.