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Women should dress decently

Dear editor,
Allow me some space in your reputable paper to air my concerns on dressing in Zambia, especially among our young girls and some women.
Of late, we have read of young girls being stripped naked by call-boys on account of what they call indecent dressing.
While I appreciate that to look cute and presentable, our young women and indeed our ladies ought to move with fashion in these modern times, fashion must have limits!
It is unfortunate that the same callboys that go on rampage stripping helpless girls are themselves wearing shorts that reveal their underwear and no one seems to care!
It is not only our young girls whose dressing raises questions, but also that of fellow old women I have seen wearing questionable attire which shows some body parts to the general public.
I write to make a passionate appeal to our dear mothers and children to be wary of what they wear, as what we put on speaks volumes about our character.
Some body parts of a woman are so precious that only the husband should see them but alas, we see our dear women walking shamelessly in public with their pants showing!
Any sane man would not put a diamond in a wheelbarrow for all to see because it is very expensive just like the body of a woman.
Women must be the role models to our young girls, as children spend more time with their mothers and teachers.
In this vein, I also make an appeal to our educators to dress in the manner that is befitting for a teacher because children look up to them as “loco in parentus”.
Together we can control this moral decay of “indecent” dressing and issues of stripping of girls will be a thing of the past.  We have to  help  develop the girl-child so that she takes over from Vice-President Inonge Wina, former first lady Christine Kaseba, Inspector-General of Police Stella Libongani and many such leaders.