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Women deserve respect


ZAMBIA is a free country and people are entitled to wear clothes of their liking.We are, therefore, perturbed that a woman who was wearing Patriotic Front (PF) regalia was allegedly stripped naked at a market.
This incident depicts how women are being demeaned.
This trend of assaulting women – either stripping them naked for whatever grievance or physically harming them – is detrimental to basic freedoms, especially those of association and movement.
It is very bad because women’s rights are not just violated, they are humiliated.
The women suffering at the hands of men who have no affection are subjected to degradation.
What perhaps is more worrying is that women have become victims of political campaigns by frustrated politicians.
We agree with Zambia National Women’s Lobby board chairperson Beauty Katebe that the continued spate of politically motivated violence, especially against women, is a wake-up call for political party leaders to sensitise their cadres on the importance of respecting human rights.
Women hold a special role in our society.
Therefore, this stripping culture raring its ugly head during this election period must be nipped.
Stripping women in public should never become a hobby for anybody, irrespective of the grievance, because it is a shameful act.
We are a Christian nation, which cherishes its Biblical values and traditional morals.
People are taught these values from a young age to treat every girl as a sister and every woman as our mother.
It is a long-held tradition, which has been passed on from one generation to another with pride.
It is, therefore, shocking that in this day and age, in the guise of politics, some men resort to the shameful act of publicly stripping women.
Zambia has held free, fair and credible elections since 1964 and the 2016 edition should not be different.
Where does the justification of either stripping girls and women come from?
Cadres should not be over-excited to the extent that they feel they can do anything and everything to women whose views they do not agree with.
Women deserve their freedom and dignity. No cadre from any political party has the right to strip or stone any woman.

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