Women auctioning nudity a disgrace to society

EMELDA Musonda.

PORNOGRAPHIC videos and pictures of women making rounds on social media are not only distressing but a strong signal of the low levels to which morals in our society have degenerated.
The immoral exhibitions by the women is also a negation on the gender campaign which among other things champions the treatment of women as partners in development not second class citizens or sex objects.
In the past weeks, a number of videos of nude women seductively introducing themselves have gone viral on social media.
According to the Minister of National Guidance and religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili the women are being lured into taking nude pictures and videos of themselves in exchange for money.
The police said, the women were promised K100,000 each for sending nude pictures as an audition for a pornographic movie as well as a sex party.
After getting hold of the pornographic videos and pictures, the corn artists instead use them to blackmail the women to pay money failure to which they are posted on social media.
Through Facebook, women are urged to send their sexually provocative nude videos stating their names, area of residence and age after which they would participate in a party and earn K100,000 and a porn movie sold overseas. Apparently a phone number is also provided where porn videos should be sent.
Some of the videos sent to these con artists have since been shared and gone viral on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
Two weeks ago a porn video of a lady only identified as Evelyn went viral.
A number of other such videos have also gone viral within the past two weeks.
It is baffling that women can stoop so low and demean themselves for the love of money.
Women must understand that dignity is not worth any amount of money and once lost can never be regained.
I want to believe these women come from families where some are daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers and even wives. Some may even belong to some churches.
To display such kind of moral decadence is not only demeaning to themselves but their families, their congregations if they belong to any and the nation as a whole.
The pornographic display by the women which rightly projects them as sex objects also undermines the gender campaign which advocates that women be treated with respect and as equal partners to men, in development.
The immoral display by these women in porn videos is also a direct attack on society’s moral fibre and values.
Pornography regardless of the form has power to corrupt people’s morals and erode the moral fibre of the nation.
To protect innocent citizens from such social misfits, the Zambian laws in particular the Penal Code 87 section 177 prohibits the production, possession and dissemination of pornographic material in any form.
The fact that these women without anyone pointing a gun to their heads decided on their own to produce porn videos they must face the law just like the con artists who publicised the videos thereby corrupting society’s morals.
It is disheartening that these women instead of preoccupying themselves with activities that contribute to their personal and national development like many others are doing they opted to use their nudity for monetary gain.
Women should understand that any meaningful and lasting success only comes through hard work and determination.
The expose’ of the women in the porn videos should save as a lesson to all those involved in such clandestine activities that there is no shortcut to success.
Today there are so many examples of women who have succeeded and yet preserved their dignity.
These are women making meaningful contributions to national development. This is what women should be doing not disparaging themselves as sex objects without brains.
Women are as capable as men to make it in life without auctioning their dignity.
It is disheartening that instead of using social media for personal and national development some individuals are abusing it to share obscene materials thereby corrupting society morals.
With so many people abusing social media to defraud, defame or corrupt morals, the new for cyber laws cannot be overemphasized.
There is need to protect innocent lives especially the young ones who can easily be swayed the content they are exposed to through social media. It is commendable that Zambia Information and Communications Authority has so far blocked 200 Facebook pages suspected to be for criminal purposes.
As a Christian nation we have an obligation to preserve the nation’s moral fibre.
The author is Zambia Daily Mail editorials editor.

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